HireMovement provides a welcoming journey for your new hires and is affordable.

Journey Map

A fully featured service to help keep you and your employees on track

HireMovement starts working right after you hire a new employee. They will be sent a text thanking them for joining your team. Many more messages and notifications can be programmed and customized throughout your journey. The benefits are endless.

Programmable Text Responses

New employees can respond to your automated text messages with questions and get automated answers.

Continuous Engagement

Track and remind on key dates such as review dates, anniversary dates and training due dates. Hire Movement can be customized to your organizations needs.


Receive monthly or weekly reports on the progress of your new hires. Identify who is making it through the process and how quickly.

More Features

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Engage Your Employees From Anywhere

Send meaningful two way communication to your employees and recruits no matter where you are. HireMovement's application is mobile-friendly with native mobile apps on the way! You can message new hires, send notifications, view reports and much more all from the palm of your hand.