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Below is an example "Journey" and list of features.


Positive First Impression

Hire Movement will send a welcoming message to your newly hired employee. Minutes after they are offered the job they will be sent a text thanking them for joining your team. Then a few hours later an email will be sent to confirm key dates and let them know you will be following up with them in the coming days. This email will be catered to your business and designed to lay out the next steps in your organizations hiring process.

Text and Email Reminders

Automated Text and Email Reminders

Send automated email and text reminders to new hires during the employee on-boarding process. This process begins after the job offer is made by entering a few pieces of information into a form that only your company has the ability to access. Reminders can be sent at set time intervals based on your company’s needs. Use this to remind new hires about key items such as drug testing, orientation times and important documents they need to bring.

Programmable Text Responses

New employees can respond to your automated text messages with questions and get automated answers. Our system is designed to be as hands free as possible. If a new employee receives a reminder about a step in the on-boarding process and can’t make it they can respond and let you know. The system will respond to them and let them know the next step.

Management Notifications

Management Notifications

Notifies hiring managers of next steps and keeps them informed about where new hires are at in the process. Not only is the system set up to keep your new hires moving by reminding them about key steps it will also keep your hiring managers informed. Hiring managers will be copied on emails send to new employees and will receive text reminders during the process.

Continuous Engagement

Track and remind on key dates such as review dates, anniversary dates and training due dates. Hire Movement can be customized to your organizations needs. If you have an on-boarding process that includes specific training due dates we can add reminders for both supervisor and employee to make sure everyone stays on top of these items. Do you offer referral bonuses or a new hire bonus? We can remind the employee and person in charge of paying these too!

Reporting Features


Receive monthly or weekly reports on the progress of your new hires. Identify who is making it through the process and how quickly. If changes are needed to your process our reports will make it easy to see where these changes need to be made.